Bay of Biscay whales

by Dorian

When we went to go across the Bay of Biscay, we saw a lot of whales! We think that we saw fin whales (or finback whales).They are the second biggest whales in the world – after the blue whale.  Daddy saw one whale breech. We all saw lots of whales squirt mist. It was really great to see something which we never saw before!

– Dorian (9)

Bay of Biscay (PASSAGE)

Finback whales

One thought on “Bay of Biscay whales

  1. Hey I am loving your blog kids!!! Well done. Thinking if u as u sail to Gran canaria! We were praying for u at Sunday club so I will send u some pictures if I can 😉 blessings to u all. Keep up the great writing!! We are reading! Xxxx love Anna and all the gang!xxxxxxxxxx


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