Bay of Biscay surprises

by Anneka

Roly-poly stories
I was quite worried about the Bay of Biscay for many reasons. First of all, our last overnight trip was crazy! It was extremely windy and rocky the whole time. It was even too rocky to see many dolphins. Second, there have been songs that say “…the Bay of Biscay swells will knock your head from off your shoulders.” Third, we met a family who told us that this was no joke.

Opposite of the songs
Our version of the Bay of Biscay was not at all windy. There was no wind in sight, not any waves, and it looked totally calm. We motored for sixty hours but it was still fun because we had a swim call! Everyone jumped in the water and splashed about. Not too many people can say they’ve done that.

Whales and dolphins
The one good thing that came from the calmness of the sea was dolphin and whale sightings. We saw lots of wildlife while on this trip. We saw at least one hundred dolphins and at least two whales a day. It was amazing! Whenever we saw a flock of birds on the water this far out at sea, we knew it was for only one thing — fish! And whenever there is fish, there are dolphins! And the fish eat smaller fish, and the smaller fish eat things like krill and plankton, and whales eat krill and plankton. All the wildlife could be seen in one spot!

Land ho!
We spotted land at about 5:00 in the morning. Even though Chris, mum, and Rob saw the lighthouse before that, my dad and Dorian were the first to shout “Land Ho!” It was the north tip of Spain. It looked like just a tiny sliver on the horizon (and I knew we wouldn’t be there for many hours), but I felt happy to smell the greenness and flowers of the earth. At first, I just felt relieved after five days at sea, but when I set foot on the still ground, I felt a feeling of accomplishment and I was proud to have crossed the Bay of Biscay!

– Anneka (11)

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