by Dorian

When we got to Spain, we went to a town to look for flippers and snorkels.  We found a great place that had flippers, snorkels, sand buckets and spades.  After that, we went to the beach to try them out.  We saw a lot of fish.

The next day, we met up with some of my dad’s friends. They had four kids – all of them BOYS!  We went sailing with them.  While we were sailing, we took turns zooming around in the dinghy.  Later, we went to the beach with them and caught a lot of crabs and put them in one of our buckets.  One of the crabs was quite hairy.

The next day we went to their house which was nearby.  Their house was a 2-storey, stone house that was really fun!  We played in the boys’ rooms for a while and then we went into their pool.  We puffed up a floating whale and played a game where we had to try and stay on the whale without falling off.  In the end, EVERYONE fell off!  We had a very good time playing with them!

On our last day in Spain (until we get to the Canary Islands!), we went to get ice cream at a very fun place!  They let us have half of one flavour and half of another.  I chose half pistachio and half lemon.  The pistachio was my favourite!  Each half scoop was very big! Overall, it was the biggest and best ice cream that I have ever had!

All in all, it was a great time in Spain!

– Dorian (9)

Bay of Biscay whales

by Dorian

When we went to go across the Bay of Biscay, we saw a lot of whales! We think that we saw fin whales (or finback whales).They are the second biggest whales in the world – after the blue whale.  Daddy saw one whale breech. We all saw lots of whales squirt mist. It was really great to see something which we never saw before!

– Dorian (9)

Bay of Biscay (PASSAGE)

Finback whales

A silly Scilly birthday

by Dorian

I turned nine just before we got to the Isles of Scilly. On that day, we saw a whole pod of dolphins. We think we saw about 75 dolphins!


When we got to the Isles of Scilly, we looked around and we found a good ice cream shop to go to for my birthday.

We went to a beach and saw a lot of kids. It was the last day of school for them. They went to the Five Islands School and they were having a fun day at the beach for their last day. One boy was digging a giant hole. He dug so deep that some water was filling it from the bottom!  The kids told us that the P7s always play a prank on the school in the last week. This year, they put the bins on the roof! I think that was a funny prank!

– Dorian (9!)