Passage to Barbados: Day 12

Day 12: 20 November 2016

Our twelfth day at sea was characterized by, yet again, another perfect day of sailing! We enjoyed trade winds of about 20 knots from the East. For Laridae, 20 knots seems to be an ideal wind speed. There is enough wind to keep the sails fully powered up and sail at a comfortable 6 knots, yet the seas do not become too large.

At lunch time, we passed an important milestone of only 500 miles remaining to Barbados. This represents about four days of sailing remaining, and also puts us within motoring range (if necessary for any reason).

Anneka and Dorian spent some time preparing a mini church service for us. This included some songs, played joyously on guitar by Anneka, and a reading that Anneka composed independently.

“We are almost in Barbados and maybe tonight, before you go to bed, or when you are doing a night watch, say ‘Thank You’ to God for helping us get this far. He has already given us so much, and most of it we don’t even think about it. Say ‘Thank You’ for getting us this far, because this is a place that is the most special and unexplored in the world, and us kids got here before we were even teenagers! The life out in the ocean helps us live. The micro plankton gives off 50% of the Earth’s oxygen. Say ‘Thank You’ for helping us get this far, and pray that we will enjoy the rest of the trip.”

Her words were wise, eloquent, humble, and even include a mini biological oceanography lecture! 🙂

We continued to celebrate the day with seawater showers (buckets full of water dumped on our heads) and a few litres of freshwater to rinse off the salt. Wow, it felt great!

The day concluded with one of the nicest nights of sailing that we have enjoyed. We were gently surfing down the (for once!) organized Atlantic swell, with the Orion constellation brilliantly lit directly behind us, white Venus and red Mars twinkling ahead of us, and the rest of the night sky occasionally interrupted with glowing shooting stars.

We used the favourable winds to tally up 146 miles.

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