25 days to go!

by Anneka

I totally freaked out the other day when I found out that there were only 25 days until we leave on our big adventure.  I cannot say that I am nervous about it all, because I am not.  I have to say that I am mostly excited about millions of things: sunny beaches, warm weather, and dolphins!!!  However, I am most excited about spending so much time with my family (and of course having only 4.5 days of school per week instead of 5!).

I am nervous about a few little things because I have never done this before.  Knowing that my parents did a similar trip before I was born makes me feel like they know what’s up.dolphins

I am SO excited about dolphins.  Once we went out and saw a few dolphins swimming about in the front of the boat.  I thought that it was totally the best thing ever!  But my parents told me that during the trip we would see at least triple th
e amount of dolphins right in front of boat, jumping about in the bow waves.  This sounded awesome!

My mum and dad have both shown me pictures of sunny beaches and blue waters.  I said “That looks so cool!  I wish that we could go there!” – and then they told me that we WERE going to go to those places on our trip.  Many people never get a chance to go to places like that. We are going to get to see so many things next year.  I am such a lucky kid!  🙂

– Anneka (10)

One thought on “25 days to go!

  1. I am so excited to follow along with your adventures! You guys are so lucky to have such an amazing experience. Wishing You Fair Winds and Calm Seas! Mari-Anne (or Maz from Cubs)


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