Final (fun) preparations

After spending the last year getting to know the boat, learning her multiple systems, and fixing/rebuilding/replacing/installing many, many, many items, it was (finally) rewarding to get to do some FUN boat preparation projects!

Our primary objective for the past year was to focus on the main systems that are important for safety – rigging, sails, batteries, charging systems, engine, pumps, anchoring, navigation, communications, spares, spares, spares, etc.  These are all very important aspects for voyaging, but there is only a minor amount of satisfaction to be gained when dull projects are completed.  Yay, the secondary, high-capacity electric bilge pump and alarm are installed – done.  Although, it was a good feeling to have finished the job of removing, replacing, rewiring and recycling 183 kg of AGM batteries!

With the completion of the important, but somewhat boring tasks, we were able to spend the weekend doing the fun tasks.  We applied the name and logo on the transom and boom, and began loading it with food, and more important items such as Lego!


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