Portugal to Canary Islands: Day 2

Day 2 (Friday 2 September):
— 150 total miles by 8am

Throughout the day, we enjoyed a steady 15-17 knots of wind from behind. We ran under poled-out genoa and the main for much of the day. As we moved further offshore, the water was blue, then bluer, and finally bluer yet! It was a translucent, indigo colour that only Crayola could properly name. The most memorable part of a fairly consistent day was sitting on the back deck with the kids and watching the waves.

Thankfully, with the consistent weather, the swell began to decrease. Over the course of the evening, the wind diminished as well and a dense fog set in. For a stretch, the visibility was down to roughly 3-4 miles. At least one 900-foot tanker passed within 5 miles of us and we never once saw it – aside from on AIS. We were very thankful for AIS and the ability to see the information about passing tankers and cargo ships. A few times, we gave the ships a call on the radio. It was great to hear that they could see us, and to learn of their destinations and intentions.

After the sun set, the wind dropped to 10 knots from behind and was causing a bit of a flapping of the sails as we rolled over the remnant swells. We took in the main and poled out the staysail so that we could enjoy a bit more quiet throughout the night. As the wind dropped down to 6-9 knots later that night, and our speed with it sadly, we were thankful for having down so.

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