Surreal night watch

Day number two at sea was sunny and relaxing. We’ve been motoring most of the day as we are passing through a large high pressure system in the Bay of Biscay. We took a CTD cast off the French coast of Ushant and we deployed the fishing gear (but have not deployed the catching gear yet!). The surface water has warmed from the chilly 14 C of Scotland to a relatively balmy 21 C. The air is just as clear and warm as the sea.

Now, we are enjoying a surreal night watch. Glassy calm seas, surrounded by stars above and French accents on the VHF radio, while rocking-out to Hamilton on the iPad.

We are expecting another calm day tomorrow and I have promised a swim call in 4000 m (2.5 miles!!!) deep water in the middle of Biscay if the water temp rises above 23 C.

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