The day had finally arrived… DEPARTURE!  Angela completed her last day of work and the kids finished their last full day of school on Friday the 1st of July – Canada Day!  After a quick turnaround (selling car, clearing out house, saying many goodbyes, etc), we fully stuffed the boot of our friend Jess’s car with our things and then headed to the boat the following Monday – the 4th of July!  Auspicious days for those bound for North America!  🙂

After being dropped off at the boat and getting a few last hugs, we slowly worked to put everything away.  It is amazing how a boat can slowly “absorb” clothes and possessions.  While we have been through this once before, this aspect still amazes us. If homes were built as efficiently as boats, one would never want for storage.

One more night in Inverness and then we were off!  Still unsure if we realise this fact or not…

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